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Sat, September 19, 2015


Lambert's Restaurant

Glenn Dale, Maryland

The 11th Annual Slivovitz Festival will be hosted in the Washington DC area at Lambert's Restaurant on September 19th. Historically, the main festival was held in Minnesota, home to the festival's founding brothers, but in 2014, the bottle-torch was passed into the capable hands of Master Judge Gian Cossa and moved to Lamberts, the great east coast location.

Festival celebration includes: - Tastings of assorted Slivovitz brands and varieties - Tasting "instruction" covering the nuances of Slivovitz - Slivovitz scoring and judging competition - King Slivovitz competion - Slivovitz Queen competition - Plum Princess award - Damson for a Day - Mayor of Lambert's (ceremonial only, has no executive priveledges in Glenn Dale) - Award for Farthest Traveler!

All while enjoying 50% off appetizers at Lambert's (great seafood).

So mark your calendar and join us for the fun at Lamberts:

10825 Lanham Severn Road, Glenn Dale, MD 301-262-2206

More about 2015 Slivovitz Festival (Washington DC/Maryland)

Festival History

2012 ISTA Judging  session

The Slivovitz Festival and ISTA, the International Slivovitz Tasters Association, were created by the Brothers Radosevich in northern Minnesota in 2004. The festival has grown with the assistance of fellow slivophiles into the premier Slivovitz Tasting event in the world. The love of slivovitz expands with festivals hosted by devotees in other parts of the country as well.

Slivovitz Royalty

Past Minnesota Festivals

Past New York City Festivals

Past Washington DC/Maryland Festivals

All about Slivovitz

Slivovitz is brandy made from plums: purple plums, red plums, yellow plums, dried plums...any plums. Slivovitz is fermented on the stone (with the pit) or without the pit and some slivovitzs are fermented with the plum skin still on, others not. Other variables include how long it is aged and which type of container the plum brandy is aged in: oak, mullberry, maple barrels or glass or stainless steel containers.


Slivovitz is famous for having a strong alcohol kick, and with a standard 100-140 proof (50% to 70% alcohol content), Slivovitz has earned its reputation. This kick, combined with the tradition of drinking Slivovitz in shots, occasionally throws drinkers new to Slivovitz (Slivovirgins) for quite a loop. People drink Slivovitz all over the world, but especially along the backbone of Europe. It's the national drink of Serbia, a medium of exchange in Albania, and the penance for sins in Poland. There are more than 3,000 distilleries that make Slivovitz, but only about two hundred that offer it commercially or make it available more than a dozen miles away from the source. Here are ISTA, we are always looking for new Slivovitz, and we consider it our mission to continually seek and judge as many varieties as possible and share our recommendations with our ISTA members and the rest of the world.

Radosevich family 19xx

Some of us grew up drinking Slivovitz and consider it part of our heritage; others have no such excuse, you just like it and we welcome you to the "family". Whether it's called plum brandy, Slivovitz, mirabelle, or quetsch, for generations Slivovitz has toasted births, weddings, successes and failures. It's how families greet returning family members, celebrate victories, mourn defeat, and honor memories of lost ones. It's a part of eastern European heritage and for many of us, it's part of our bloodline, part of who we are, and a reminder of where we come from.

Sipped, slammed, savored, or shot - Slivovitz will change your outlook on life just as it has for millions of fans for hundreds of years.

Slivovitz Begins with the Plum Harvest

Plum harvest at the Zufanek Distillery, Czech Republic

Video produced by Martin Zufanek at Zufanek Distillery, and share permission granted. Thanks, Martin!

Best of Slivovitz Judging

ISTA collects samples of Slivovitz from distillers large and small all over the world, and each year a panel of experienced tasters begins opening bottles, comparing color, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, follow, and other factors to discover the best Slivovitz produced in the world that year. In 2012, the official judging happened in September and October in Minnesota with popular judging results added in from the September 2012 Slivovitz Festivals in New York and Washington D.C. See Complete 2012 Results

Gold Medal

2012 Complete Slivovitz Judging Results


BEST IN SHOWS - Badel 1862 Distillery, Croatia, - Badel Sljivovica
AGED IN WOOD - R. Jelinek Distillery, Czech Republic, - Slivovitz 10 year aged
AGED IN GLASS - Clear Creek Distillery, USA, - Blue Plum Brandy
SWEET SLIVOVITZ - Castle Spirits, USA, - Spirit of Solomon Slivovitz
TRADITIONAL STYLE - Maraska, Croatia, - Slivovica Old Plum Brandy
QUEEN'S CHOICE - Distillerie Meyer, France, - F. Meyer Mirabelle
NOTABLY ABSENT - Zufanek Distillery, Czech Republic, - Slivovica Zufanek

ISTA - International Slivovitz Tasters Association

2012 ISTA Judging  session

Our Mission: We pledge to enjoy the pleasant futility of collecting, tasting, evaluating, and reporting on every single style of Slivovitz from every single distiller in the world every single year.

For many years Slivovitz lovers have depended on ISTA, the International Slivovitz Tasters Association, to train and certify Slivovitz Judges, host the annual Slivovitz Competition, provide Slivovitz rankings, and sanction Slivovitz Tasting events. The panel of experienced judges (and Journeyjudges - it's quite a hierarchy) gather in the fall to judge the year's entries. Unlike many tasting panels, the Slivovitz Festival does not charge a bottle entry fee and the judges are volunteers. Our ISTA Judges donate their taste buds, time, and experience to help our members and festival visitors find the Slivovitz that suits their palates. More about Slivovitz Judging


Slivovitz Collection

Slivovitz comes. Slivovitz goes. Distillers quit distilling. Importers stop importing. Distributors don't distribute. Sometimes the Feds embargo the entire shipment for obscure reasons. We have made it our mission to assemble the world's most complete collection of Slivovitz at ISTA headquarters and we maintain an extensive library of every Slivovitz we discover.

Questions or comments? Contact PlumGirlFriday at Slivovitz dot US

Satellite Slivovitz Festival, Washington, D.C. Marg Radosevich, 2007 tony Radosevich, 2006 Slivovitz Tasting Event